Manually Focus Hunting Video- Understanding Outdoor Film

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Manually Focus Hunting

Manually Focus Hunting Video is one fast way to step up cinematic production of outdoor film.

Over the years we have had the discussion of manually focus hunting video plenty of times. The idea of manually focus hunting video versus auto focus is not just a topic for hunting films. To get right down to the point in cinematic film manual focus is the only true method used. If we are ready to take our film production to the next level then manually focus hunting video is a necessary step.

Although this makes self filming in particular very difficult with time it is a skill that can be mastered. The general goal here is to not just document a hunt but to create visually stunning work as a videographer which when filming should be your first priority.

Subjects are Naturally Difficult

Some people may take this as a reason of why auto-focus should be used. We are trying to film an animal that we are trying to get close to with minimal movement. But what we cannot lose focus of (no pun intended) is that we are going for next level production. Not only is it difficult for auto focus to find a subject that naturally blends into a very busy environment it will cause a number of problems.

Some cameras may be searching for the image going in and out that could lose a crucial moment like the harvest shot. Other cameras create a subtle bouncing effect in the image that makes our images soft. Either way the only way to solve these problems is to manually focus hunting video.

Low Light Filming

Low light creates problems for all cameras when it comes to auto focus both film and photography. Much similar to photography, it is about the only way to get shots with a DSLR. Auto focus in a lot of cases will not be able to find their subject at all never mind an already difficult situation.

The amazing thing about DSLR is because of the quick and easy manipulation of such things as aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed allow for some very creative low light filming. (Read more about the art of low light hunting films)

Creative Film Techniques

Many creative film techniques require manual operations to create. A great example of a method reliant on focus manipulation is a rack focus. Rack focus is a technique that relies on bringing different subjects in an image in or out of focus depending on the desired effect. This is something that essentially can not be achieved by using auto-focus and requires manually focus hunting video.


To truly master manually focus hunting video it is a matter of experience. Using this method at all times will create an eventual ease of use that can turn into more difficult scenarios like self filming a hunt. Manually focus hunting video in hunting films creates a level artistic creativity that traditional methods have restricted.

The finally piece of advice I will say is in relation to photography. Other than in rare cases like low light, macro, and extreme action shots, you should always use auto-focus to take pictures. The sharpness of an auto focused picture is top quality and there is no reason to over complicate the situation unless it is truly called for.

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