GoPro Hunting Video- The Hunting Video Hack

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GoPro Hunting Video

The GoPro Hunting Video can capture our hunts just the way we want as long as we set it up right.

Lately GoPro has seemed to get a lot of bad PR from hunters. We hear people saying things like “I cannot use it because it doesn’t zoom in” or “The animals are just not close enough”. It is pretty understandable when we try a straight forward approach with creating GoPro hunting video content. Recently while our crews were filming the upcoming ‘Project Upland’ we employed a tactic that solves the Hunting/GoPro distance dilemma.

Two very important things happened with the new GoPro Hero 4. Firstly, is the introduction of 4K filming capabilities. Secondly, is the ability to control the ISO (not relevant to this article but of great importance to high quality content). To understand this GoPro hunting video hack that will solve the distance issue we need to understand some basic film theory.

The majority of all work we are streaming on the internet is 720 and 1080. What that has to do with is the actual size of the image or the pixel counts. When we film in 4K on a GoPro we are filming on an image that is over twice the size as 1080! (See Image A) So the question remains how has the introduction of 4K solved this issue?

In the post production process of film editing the majority of programs have the ability to work on multiple formats. For instance here at Dangerous Cow Publishing we use Adobe as our editing platform. Inside Adobe Premiere Pro we are able to edit a 1080 film and when we add a 4K clip something incredible happens! The image is now vastly zoomed in solving the major issue of distance while still preserving a clear image for good GoPro hunting video.

By using some basic editing adjustments we can change the position or even change the size that we want displayed. Often many people overlook the power of post-production. With the new GoPro Hero 4 we finally have the ability to bring our action that much closer for higher quality GoPro Hunting video. Remember this theory of cropping 4k film applies to all platform not just GoPro.

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