The Overlooked Personality of Mature Bucks

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We’ve all seen the shows of big bucks charging in for a fight in rural America, after hearing the rattling chaos of a battle. Big, old bucks displaying the aggressive behavior that makes them the dominant resident on campus. And we’ve all read the countless articles on dominate buck behavior and how to harvest that king of our hunting woods.  So what if we were told that more often than not the timid buck; the one who is hesitant and scared, is probably the biggest buck in our suburban hunting spot?

Dominance kills in suburban America. It’s as simple as that.  Aggressive behavior like a chaotic commitment to run does across interstate highways and through parking lots is what gets deer killed. The active response to fighting other whitetails will get a deer killed.  Even just the curious mentality of taking that extra couple of looks to figure out what something, or someone is kills deer.  The reasons are endless while coupled with the countless hazards of suburban America but there is one that is more prevalent than others…

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