The One Thing We Must All Do After A Big Buck Harvest

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big buck harvested

“History repeats itself.” We have all heard the saying. So what does that have to do with hunting big bucks, particularly after we have already got ours in the bag? This basic commitment might not only harvest us another big buck in the same area in the future; it may change our outlook on hunting forever.

Once we have our new trophy in order and packed in the freezer, we should revisit where it all began. We need to scout the location of our mature buck paradise and understand two major facts from this priceless lesson.

In suburban America we can debate a lot of factors at what makes a big buck. We can debate whether it was the personality, the location, or the generally biological availability (genetics and food sources). As suburban deer hunters location is one of the most important things we need to understand. I have often found that the perfect layout of land can often breed a big buck more consistently rather than any other big buck making theories….

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