Deer and Scent: The Strongest Memory

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whitetail deer scent

Scent control, scent production, scent anything is big industry for deer and scent. The debate over whether scent control matters, whether carbon works, and even what deer scent might attract a buck, is an ongoing topic. With the series ‘The Science of Fear’ we want to concern ourselves with how Whitetails become fear conditioned in association with scent and how that can be different from location to location.

In the past two articles, ‘The Theory of Fluid Motion’ and ‘Flight Distances’, we dove deep into conditioned behavior of both rural and suburban Whitetails. As I quote from the original article “A truly fascinating aspect of deer psychology, covered in ‘The Science of Fear’, is that deer have different variations of learned behaviors from the same stimuli over different locations, from as far as states away to as close as within a mile”…

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