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The Urban Deer Complex


this book was printed on post consumer waste  at press certified by the forest stewardship council. the energy used at the press for this book was offset with  credits from certified wind power energy.

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dangerous cow publishing is proud to announce the groundbreaking release of [THE URBAN DEER COMPLEX; TACTICS OF THE PART-TIME HUNTER]

 author a.j. derosa is established as one of the foremost authorities on urban/suburban whitetail hunting in the united states, and an expert at balancing the demands of everyday life with his passion for trophy whitetail hunting. in the urban deer complex, he targets the unique nature of deer behavior in human environments.

 animal behavior is brought center stage by concentrating on whitetail psychology and classic conditioning, rather than the traditional “how-to” hunting books that target biology and rural woods tactics. it brings the modern hunter into a new era of whitetail deer hunting as a direct result of their adaptation to urban/suburban america.

 the urban deer complex serves as a solid foundation for novice to expert whitetail hunters in the urban/suburban environment, and the effects of human activity on the habitual behaviors of whitetail deer. it reconstructs the way we think when approaching these very unique and adaptable creatures as they create multifaceted ideas on human behavior.


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