Hunting and Fishing Industry Hiring – Creative Content Positions

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Project Upland, The Urban Deer Complex and the Dangerous Cow Publishing Company are on the hunt for new media talent including full-time, part-time, and freelance positions.

We have decided to make this a creative and fun search into the artistic people throughout the outdoor community. The media creation is not limited to Upland Bird Hunting we are actively seeking talent for all hunting sports as well as fishing. Each category comes with a creative challenge and in some cases, must submitted no later than July of 2017.

All Submissions are to be sent to with the title as “Attn: (Position applied for) // Dangerous Cow Publishing Hiring // (Your Name) 

General Prerequisites

The prerequisites are not what we would think. We do not require any level of formal education in fact in many cases we seek to not hire classically trained skills to maintain free creative thought as well as an open mind to learning and adapting. We do however look for candidates with strong work ethics, motivation, and true passion for outdoor adventure as well as a clean record and reputation of outdoor ethics and personality. Being a “seasoned” hunter or fishermen or women is also NOT a prerequisite for these positions just a strong desire to be involved in the hunting and fishing sports as well as conservation. Freelance contributions will be purchased in most cases with all rights to media but can still be used on resumes. Please keep in mind full-time, and part-time position usually entails a LIFESTYLE job and should be approached in such manner. Some positions such as Videographer and Photographer will require traveling, long absentees from home, extreme environments, and primitive living conditions.

Graphic Designers

We are seeking creatively gifted graphic designers for the creation of media content. Graphic designers will be tasked with logo creation, t-shirt design, and book cover designs. This position is primarily a freelance commissioned skill. However, we will eventually seek to hire in house graphic designers as the company grows.  Designers should work primarily in Adobe, have a thorough understanding of its platforms,  but do not require formal training.

Creative Challenge- Design a t-shirt based on ONE any of the following outdoor sports. Upland hunting, turkey hunting, deer hunting, waterfowl hunting, or any fishing sport. The design should reflect a “hipster” style branding taking in consideration creative approaches and minimalist theories. Artists considered for this position maybe asked to show specific ability in Photoshop and Illustrator remembering that “resourcefulness” is more important than formal training. (Deadline: open ended, positions considered in order received)


We are seeking talented animators primarily for video production work in “how to” and “conservation” based capacities but also logo animation. This position is on commission based but we will consider a full-time animator in the future pulled from freelance contributors. We prefer Adobe to be the primary programs used but will not limit this in the case of animators.

Creative Challenge- Create a quick “how to” animation that is either hunting or fishing based. The information does not have to be factually accurate. We are seeking a minimalist style with clear indications of “hipster” branding. There should be a landscape and “creature” contained in animation. As well as text, arrows, or anything else that may become relevant in an animation. (Deadline: open ended, positions considered in order received)


We are seeking illustrators with unique and creative styles. These positions will begin as freelance commissioned base spots that can eventually lead to a part-time or full-time position. The primary search is for illustrators is to create drawings for articles, books, and other projects that may come about. We will consider any medium, pencil, watercolors, charcoal, and any other tool you may choose.

Creative Challenge- Create 3 article cover images on 3 separate outdoor subjects. Choose from Bird Hunting, Waterfowl, Deer Hunting, Turkey Hunting, and any fishing sport. Please be sure that at least one example exists to represent human, creature, and landscape illustration. You are not limited to show all these items in each of the three illustrations. (Deadline: open ended, positions considered in order received)

Videographer and Editor

This is questionably the most important hiring search of the Dangerous Cow Publishing Company for 2017. We are seeking creative talent in the film category for freelance, part-time, and full-time positions. We prefer that candidates are not “restricted” by classically trained video education but will still consider these candidates that show an ability to not let “the rules” hinder creativity in their work. For people without classic training we still expect a knowledge in camera function as well as Adobe Premiere Pro. Camera knowledge is most important in the operation of DSLR cameras. Sound knowledge is a plus but not a requirement. We prefer that candidates have an ability to edit or at least a basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Primary filming subjects are Bird Hunting, Dog Training, Fishing, Turkey hunting and “lifestyle” storylines.

Creative Challenge- The most important thing we will look for is a creative “artistic eye”. Submit one short film from 2 to 8 minutes. That is a “lifestyle” story. This film does not have to be about hunting or fishing but must have an outdoor theme to show skill in proper settings. Try to show off your creative talents in framing images, motion, image quality, outside the box angles, and transitions. Keep in mind we are a “minimalist” brand and seek clean naturally beautiful work. (Deadline: Hunting is July 1, 2017. Fishing candidates is April 1st.  Candidates will be considered in the order they are received and we will consider hiring artist capably of both subjects)

*We highly suggest videographer candidates also submit the Photography Creative Challenge with their Videographer submission but will still consider candidates without it.


We are seeking a photographer for on-site film shoots in the capacity of freelance, part-time, and full-time. It is meant to supplement film projects as well as create a database for articles, marketing, books, and other projects. (Photography will also be considered in relation to the writer and videographer categories as an added skill) We will also consider the freelance purchase of photographs in the subjects of nature, hunting, and fishing by the individual photo.

Creative Challenge- Submit 14 photos of your favorite work that represents your most creative talents in the following subjects. 2 photos in portrait (1 candid, 1 not), 2 photos in “hero” shot, 2 photos in Landscape, 2 photos in wildlife and/or aquatic life, 2 photos in nightscape, 2 in lowlight subjects, 2 in anything you choose. Candidates will still be considered if they cannot submit for and of the above categories, but please replace them with “anything you choose”. We are looking for a creative artistic eye, not a “classical style” and prefer all images to be unedited.

Writers and Editors

We are looking for creative writers in a wide spread of subjects. As well as grammatically talented editors/fact checkers. Subjects include bird hunting, gun dog training, turkey hunting, and suburban deer hunting. Styles include “how to”, science, professional knowledge, novice experiences, culture, and lifestyle. This is primarily a commissioned and freelance based position and we are looking for a wide spread of diversity.

Creative Challenge- Submit 2 pieces of work in the subjects you are most interested in. The titles and themes should be creative and the information should be factual and compelling. Work should be between 300 and 700 words, to the point, with no “fluff”. If you also engage in relevant photographer work, please submit photos with each article.

*Editors- submit resume of editing experience (skip creative challenge)


Dangerous Cow Publishing Company will consider internships candidates for marketing, media, social media management, writing, and content creation. Please submit an outline of your college program, the requirements of internship a long with a 400 to 800 word explanation of why you want to intern with Dangerous Cow Publishing and what makes you a good candidate. Feel free to also submit any relevant examples of your work.

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