Commercial- The Urban Deer Complex

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The official commercial for The Urban Deer Complex from the producers at Dangerous Cow Adventure Films!

The Urban Deer Complex reconstruct the way we think when approaching these very unique and adaptable creatures as they create multifaceted ideas on human behavior. This book is about breaking down the walls of traditional tactics and developing the fundamentals needed to be an evolving predator.

“DeRosa has taken it a step further to research the mind-set of suburban deer populations and how this may benefit the would be hunter that wants to fill his or her freezer. It literally is a slice of DeRosa’s life, from stories about the pursuit of bucks with legendary titles, how he has learned and adapted his hunting styles to become successful at killing urban giants, this book even outlines the sacrifices that you should expect to make to pursue this almost “sub-species” of deer.” – SUBURBANBUCKS.COM

Find out more at The Urban Deer Complex hunting blog!

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