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The Top Hunting Blogs of 2015

These five hunting blogs are the top niche hunting blogs of 2015. They focus on unique topics often missed by mainstream hunting outlets. Whether it’s for someone new to hunting, hunting in the most developed places, or someone passionate about the green movement of hunting. These 5 hunting blogs have us covered.

The Urban Deer Complex

The Urban Deer Complex started as the first book focused on suburban deer hunting. What started as one project has grown to a massive online deer hunting blog. Tackling strange subjects like suburban deer behavior, suburban bow hunting, and suburban deer hunting techniques this is one of the most successful niche hunting blogs on the internet.

Natural Born Hunter Podcast

This hunting blog and podcast is dedicated to celebrate the men and women pushing the limits of innovations and convention within the outdoor industry. The dreamers the leaders and the hard working hustlers. Bringing to you those willing to go beyond their comfort levels to hone their crafts and achieve greatness. Featuring some of the fastest growing names in the outdoors industry and new innovation and technology. This podcast and hunting blog is at the forefront of the new culture of hunting growing in the United States.


HunterGreen.Org started with a short film called ‘The Original Red Meat’. This viral film sought to show the marriage between the organic movement and the hunting movement. This controversial hunting blog tackles subjects from anti-hunting propaganda to current conservation issues. It also features and ongoing production of original short films.

Basic Huntsman

This one of a kind hunting blog targets one very specific group of people- new hunters. Pages and pages of what takes new hunters from the start of getting a first hunting license right to processing an animal. It combines veteran hunters blogging on basic hunting skills and subjects along with new hunters blogging about their first experiences in deer hunting. This hunting blog is one of the most important hunting blogs to the expansion of hunting.

Rediscover the Outdoors

This website is not just dedicated to the visually stunning and artistic hunting videos and fishing videos but also home to a very unique hunting blog. Here hunters passionate about film and photography can read about ideas, techniques, and equipment relevant to filming their own hunts. These topics are ones the hunting video community has sought to keep secret.


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