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Jesse St Andre Fishing

Jesse St Andre is the science and education editor of Dangerous Cow Publishing. As a lifelong New Englander, Jesse was not raised a stranger to the outdoor lifestyle. Conservation and the importance of active land stewardship were instilled at a young age.  Hunting, fishing, trapping, camping and hiking have always just been a part of his life. The outdoor lifestyle has allowed him to actively participate in the conservation and management of many large and small game species throughout the country.  It was his upbringing and hands on experience in nature that led him to a  career in forestry where he has studied and participated in sustainable forest operations for over decade. Currently, he raises a family in southern New England where he continue to work in the forestry field while instilling a connection to Mother Nature in his children. Jesse has dedicate most of his spare time working to promote the sustainability of hunting, trapping, and fishing through ethical harvests by sportsmen and women.

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